ANOPA RAM GODARA declare L-1 for road Project, value Rs: 335231990.3 in RAJASHTHAN

  • SHRIRAM AND COMPANY got road from Rajasthan state government for development of road Bheemda to Boranada Section.
    Rajasthan state PWD department name PWD – CE AND AS||ACE – JODHPUR||SE-JODHPUR issue work order to M/s Shriram and Company for  Widening and Strengthening of Bhadkha Kanod Patodi Thob Nagana Paraliya Sasan Jhanwar Boranada (Bheemda to Boranada Section) SH-139 Km. 119/0 to 160/0, against package No RJ-05-02/SRF/SH/2022-23] [NIT No.01/22-23 of ACE PWD Zone-II Jodhpur HQ-BMR_2022_CEPWD_267600_1
  • Mundan construction co got new road Project from Rajasthan PWD
    Rajasthan Pwd issue work order to M/s Mundan Construction company  for development of road Strengthening & Widening of Roopawas-Jetpur-Gelawas-Mazal-Karmawas upto Distt. Boarder (MDR-122) km 0/0 to 46/0 (46.00 KM), This tender issued by PWD, and estimate value of work Rs. 35,09,00,000/- Wide Tender No NIT No.02/2022-23 of ACE PWD Zone-I Jodhpur bid_2022_CEPWD_268757_6/- For the above
  • New Road Project in Rajasthan
    PWD Rajasthan issue work order for the Widening and Strengthening of Pokaran to Rajmathai via That, Guddi, Doodhiya, Jaloda Pokarana km 0/0 to 51/0. Package No.RJ-17-01/SRF/VR/2022-23] [NIT No.01/22-23 of ACE PWD Zone-II Jodhpur HQ-BMR wide Department ID : 2022_CEPWD_267600_4 Value of Project : – 277946711.8 Financial Bid opening Date & Time : 19-05-2022 11:00:00 Contractor
  • Balaji InfraRoads Pvt. Ltd got new road project from Rajasthan Government.
    Rajasthan govt issue work order to M/s Balaji InfraRoads Pvt. Ltd for Strengthening, Widening and Construction of Vented Causeway (Banas river) on Lorwada to Maheshra road Via Dobra Khurd KM 0/0 to 8/200, vide Document No [NIT No. 01/2022-23 ACE PWD Zone Tonk/ 2022_CEPWD_269429_7 with the Value of Project Rs. 237198263.4 and Financial bid opening
  • K.K Gupta constructions pvt ltd for new Road Project from Rajasthan PWD.
    Project Details : Widening and Strengthening of Gurla Mandalgarh Road (MDR-136) km 37/0 to 78/600 (km. 41.600) with High Level Bridge Department name :PWD – CE AND AS||ACE – AJMER||SE-BHILWARA||EE-SHAHPURA/NIT-03/2022-23 PWD ZONE AJMER/2022_CEPWD_276191_1 Financial Bid opening date : 12-Jul-2022 05:22 PM Value of Project : 506769757.38 Contractor Name : K.K Gupta constructions pvt ltd