PUNA HINDA Got a New Project in Arunachal Pradesh

Dewanti Construction,

PUNA HINDA New Road Project in Arunachal Pradesh Contractor Name PUNA HINDA Strengthening and road safety of Shantipur-Meka road (NH-115) section from km 0.000 to km 19.500 of NH-115 under Jairampur Highway Division in the state of Arunachal Pradesh for the year 2022-23 (19.50 km). CEAP(HW)/WTC-138/SM/TENDER Tender Opening date : 26-Dec-22 Tender Id: 2022_MoRTH_721532_1 The […]

Spar Geo Infra Pvt. Ltd Got New Project In Arunachal Pradesh

Slope Stabilization Works Km 6.00 on Road TCC Maza 04 Kms Galensinia Bridge Km 6.00,Km 31.00 on Rd TCC Taksing ,Reddi Zigs and Km 22.10 on D T Rd including preparation of design Its Proof Check from IIT under 23 TF under P ANK of A.P. EPC Mode//ANK/NIT-04/2022-23 (EPC)

Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd got new road project in Arunachal Pradesh

New HAM Road Project In UP,

Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd PROJECT DETAILS State: Arunachal Pradesh Slope Failure Mitigation Measures At Km 44.00 Km 54.00 Km 59.00 And Km 62.000 On Road H-S-H Huri Axis Including Geological Investigation Test Preparation Of Design And Its Proof Check. The project is estimated around 48 crore. The project is by Dte General Border Roads Organization Latest: New […]