Anusha Projects P Ltd Got a Two Lane Road Project in Vijayawada

Dewanti Construction,

Widening of Existing Road to Two lane with paved shoulder from Km 0.000 to Km 32.000 Mudigubba to Puttaparthi of NH342 in the State of Andhra Pradesh through Engineering, procurement and Construction EPC basis under Annual Plan 2021 22//12014/31/2021/2021AP/ZoneIII

Road Project Macherla to Dachepalli in Andhra Pradesh

Morth (Ministry of Road Transport & Highway) open Tender for Rehabilitation and upgradation of NH 167AD from Macherla to Dachepalli via Paluvai Junction Rentachinthala Gurazala from Km 0 000 to 43 659 to two lane with paved shoulders in the state of Andhra Pradesh, on Date 7/14/2022 Time 16:25:00 with the value of work Rs 2329677580.00.

L N MALVIYA INFRA PROJECTS PVT LTD got contract for CS from Morth.

Contractor Name L N Malviya Infra Projects Pvt Ltd Bhadrachalam to Konta Project in AP. Work Details : Consultancy Services for Authoritys Engineer for Supervision of Rehabilitation and Up gradation from Km 170 700 Bhadrachalam to Km 234 567 Konta of NH 30 to Two Lane with Paved Shoulders in the State of Andhra Pradesh […]