Vikram Infratech Developers Private Limited Got road project in MAHARASTRA


Road Project in Mahararastra

[Improvement to Two Lane with Earthen Shoulders Dawari Therban Somthana Kini Palaj Divshi Laglud SH 222 Turathi Bothi Bitnal Somthana Gortha Jamgaon Kudhala Bolsa Bhaygaon Krushnar Road SH 419 Km 42/900 to 58/100 Tq Umri Dist Nanded (Variation works o] [BHOKAR/2022-23/EPC/ENo.45]

Department Id : 2023_PWR_873672_1

Department Name : Public Works Region||Public Works Region – Aurangabad||Public Works Circle – Nanded||Public Works Division Bhokar

Bid Opening Date : 13 March 2023

Project Value : 70 Cr (Approx)