KBM Construction Got a New Project

Improvement such as widening and strengthening of Digachhia-Bansada road to DLPS standard from 0/000 km to 10/210 km in the district of Bhadrak under State Plan//CE-DPI AND R-17/2022-23

Gurumaharaj Engicon Private Limited Got A New Project In Odisha

Flood Protection work to Jayamangal Inundation Channel from RD 0.00Km to 35.80Km (Tail), Khari nalla from RD0.00 Km to 7.00Km, Feeder Channel to Sarabhimpur tank from RD0.00Km to3.00Km and Feeder Channel to Karatali Tampara Lake from RD0.00Kmto7.00Km.//CE and BM, RBVN -02/2022-23