Shree Gajanan Construction Co. Got a New Road Project Work

(A) Improvement to Bannali Shiraskhed Hungunda Nagani Ganjgaon Yesagi Road MDR-41 Km. 16/600 to 22/00 (Part- Hungunda to Shiraskhod) (B) Improvement to Bannali Shiraskhod Hungunda Nagani Ganjgaon Yesagi Road MDR-41 Km. 22/00 to 27/00 (Part- Hungunda//PWD/DEGLOOR/2022-23/ENo.7/OW No.1522_8.6.22

Mohinder Singh Contractor Got a New Project

Construction and Maintenance of Roads Under Full Depth Reclamation/ In-Situ Stabilization with Cement and Additive Under District Gorakhpur Group No UPFDR-125 (Package No UP-31167,UP-31168, UP-31169, UP-31170,UP-31171,UP-31172)//1892/T-252/UPRRDA/PMGSY-3 /TENDER/22-23 Dt 12-7-22//2022_UPRRD_119842_15

Rajaram Construction Got a New Project in Rajasthan

Construction of 2 lane with Paved Shoulder Northern Kota Bypass Phase-II starting from Design Chainage Km 0.000 (Km 178.300 of SH-33) to Design Chainage 12.915 (Km 236. 800 of NH-52) near Ballop in the state of Rajasthan//CE PWD NH PPP