Spar Geo Infra Pvt. Ltd Got New Project In Arunachal Pradesh

Slope Stabilization Works Km 6.00 on Road TCC Maza 04 Kms Galensinia Bridge Km 6.00,Km 31.00 on Rd TCC Taksing ,Reddi Zigs and Km 22.10 on D T Rd including preparation of design Its Proof Check from IIT under 23 TF under P ANK of A.P. EPC Mode//ANK/NIT-04/2022-23 (EPC)

Nirbhay Constructions Got A New Project In State Of Uttar Pradesh

Project Details Nirbhay Constructions New Project In State Of Uttar Pradesh Latest Posts Contractor Name Nirbhay Constructions The Project Majorly Focus On Widening And Strenthening Of Connecting Road Of Maizapur Chinimill Road. Tender Opening Date : 15-09-2022 Tender ID : 2022_CEDPW_721488_1 Project Cost : 20 Crore For Real Time Updates And Business Opportunities In Road […]

J M Mhatre Got New Project In State Maharashtra

The Road Project focuses on Improvement of SH-191 Road from NH 204 to Kerli Kotoli Nandgaon Nanadari Road, Reconstruction, widening and Strengthening of existing carriageway in the section of SH 191 from Km 24/000 to 29/500

Manish Agrawal Got A New Project In State Of Madhya Pradesh

The project majorly focus on road construction from AB Road to Law College. Nagda TO Rasulpur Road Balgarh Nagda Road Bilawali To Gramp Rajpura Science College and Kalukhedi Approch Road Total Length 13.895 K.M. Including Pole Shifting work HT LT Line Work.

M. M. Construction Company Got A New Project In State Of Rajasthan

The Road Project Will Be Dealing With The Work Or Road Strengthening And Widening.

Widening and Strengthening Work in District Kota Dhabadeh Kudayala Kumbhkot upto Julmi road to Lakhariya to Hanotiya upto distt. Border to Bhilwari Kanwara Chachlao Morram Kheri Dubliya Azampur Raipur Km 0/0 to 22/400 (SH-129)

RIDPL Got A New Project from State PWD.

The project will majorly focus on construction of widening and strengthening work of Sanderao Desuri Road SH 16, Km 254/0 to 278/0,24.00 Km (Mundara to Desuri)