New upcoming tender for Construction of Rupsa Minor and All Sub Minors from RD 00m to RD 7560m with Complete Infrastructure, Planned for 2024 Under Project 50/23-24 of CEBM, SBB, Laxmiposi Value of project 50,85,88,025 Project Location Odisha


B. Construction of Rupsa Minor including all sub minors from RD 00m to RD 7560m off taking from RD 7950m of Rupsa Distributary with all its structure, C.C lining and service road.] [50/ 23-24 of CEBM, SBB, Laxmiposi][2024_CEBML_101920_2]

Department Name : CE-BM,BSB Basin,Laxmiposi

Value of Project 50,85,88,025

Tender publish date 28-Feb-2024 4:45 PM

Closing Date : Check in Department website. for more update.

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