M/s Ram Khiladi Meena got a new road project in Rajasthan



October 6, 2022

Ram Khiladi Meena 

Project Details

Construction of Road from Mahangi Bhawani Road to Natata Jaitpur Chowki Wala Kaled Tigriya Morodi Ka Ghata Jogiyon Ki dhani Bamanwas Chougan. The project is by PWD – CE AND AS. The project is estimated at 15 Cr.

Last 3 Month Project Report.

State : Rajasthan 

Latest: New Road Project In Rajasthan

Rajasthan. It is the seventh most populous and the largest state in terms of area in India. It shares a boundary with the Pakistani provinces of Sindh to the west and Punjab to the northwest along the Sutlej-Indus River basin.

It is located on India’s northwesterly side, where it comprises the majority of the expansive and hostile Thar Desert (also known as the Great Indian Desert). Punjab to the north, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to the northeast, Madhya Pradesh towards the southeast, and Gujarat to the southwest are the five Indian states that surround it.

The use of road maintenance can have a dramatic and immediate impact on one’s way of life. Aside from the immediate benefits of access to hospitals and health specialists, education for our children, and markets for business and trading to generate wealth and jobs.

All cities and villages in India are well connected by an efficient road system. A number of roads in the country pass through some of the most important states. any of India’s roads are on flat plains, while others are in hilly regions of the country’s mountain ranges. The adventure that a road trip offers to travellers is enthralling.

So according surveys, properly maintaining road infrastructure is critical to preserving and improving those benefits.

However, a backlog of unfinished maintenance has resulted in irreversible deterioration of the road network. If roads are not kept clean, they may need to be updated or repaired after only the few years.

Contractor Name Ram Khiladi Meena

Project Details : Construction of Road from Mahangi Bhawani Road to Natata Jaitpur Chowki Wala Kaled Tigriya Morodi Ka Ghata Jogiyon Ki dhani Bamanwas Chougan//NIT NO 09/2022-23 PWD ZONE-II JAIPUR

Department Name : PWD – CE AND AS||ACE – JAIPUR II||SE-ALWAR/2022_CEPWD_285718_1

Value of Project : Rs. 157085942.15

Financial Bid Opening date : 05-Aug-2022 5:33 PM

Contractor Name :
M/s Ram Khiladi Meena

Subinfra care No


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