Ganesh Singh declare L-1 for road Project, value Rs: 170685390.8 in MADHYA PRADESH


Const.of 4 Lane Road Piplani B-Sector Khajuri Kalan upto New Bhopal Bypass Road Length 4.20With Electrical Work PAC Rs. 1871.14 lacs 2nd Call on Road and Bridge SOR 25.03.2022 and electrical SOR wef 15-09-22 work period 730 days I/c rainy season] [ 35/ G. /1/Mis/C.Z./2019 (Year 2023) ]

Department Name :

Tender Id : 2023_PWDRB_290353_1

Project Value : 170685390.8

Bid Opening Date :04-Aug-2023 5:29 PM

Contractor Name
Ganesh Singh

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