vijay kansal contractor declare L-1 for road Project, value Rs: 197973400.9 in Haryana


Project Discription: “Strengthening by providing 50mm DBM plus 30mm BC and 80mm IPB on berm on Karnal Kachwa Sambli Kaul Road (Road ID 7370) (SH-9) from Km 2.200 to 32.00 including widening from 7.00 mtr to 10.00 mtr from Km 2.200 to 2.900 in Karnal constituency, in Karnal District (under MC Karnal Limit) ..

[Strengthening by providing…] [2023E1635D51 0567 4D99 AC47 B986C6282D10644BAR]”

Department Name :

Tender Id : 2023_HRY_319140_1

Project Value : 197973400.9

Bid Opening Date :04-Dec-2023 12:02 PM

Contractor Name
vijay kansal contractor