Universal Construction Co. got a project for reconstruction of various bridges in Haryana.



October 1, 2022

New Flyover Bridge Project In Indore,

New Bridges Project In Haryana


Reconstruction of bridges 


Last 3 Month Project Report.

Universal Construction Co. got project for Reconstruction Of Various Bridges. The project price is estimated at 22 CR. The project is by Haryana govt.


Bridges hold a unique position in the transportation infrastructure because of their close proximity to other locations. These buildings are designed to bear the highway’s traffic loads, navigate any obstacles, and carry out efficient communication between two locations.

Due to their importance in people’s lives, the effects of bridges on the economy and politics cannot be ignored. Bridges link the various aspects of our contemporary existence.

Our personal and professional lives are strongly connected via bridges. Raw materials and products are shipped via bridges. They can be transferred to various factories, depots, suppliers, wholesalers, shops, and many other locations.

Bridges can also be utilized for transportation. Another effect of bridges on the economy is the purchase of products and services. After a bridge is constructed, the proceeds flow to a development sector.

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The northern region of the country is home to the Indian state of Haryana. On 1 November 1966, it was formed out of the former state of East Punjab on the basis of language. With less than 1.4% (44,212 km2 or 17,070 sq mi) of India’s total land area, it is placed 21st in terms of size.

The most populated city in the state is Faridabad, which is a part of the National Capital Region. Chandigarh, the state capital, is a joint facility with the adjacent state of Punjab.

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Contractor Name Universal Construction Co.

Project Details :  Re-construction of various Bridges at K.M. 1.144, K.M. 2.833, K.M. 4.899, K.M. 5.576, K.M. 8.400, K..M 9.595 K.M. 11.415 K.M. 12.438, K.M. 14.100 K.M. 15.115 K.M. 20.128 on M/Garh Canal for replacing existing bridges. (11 Nos. bridges) 1828-49/32-A dated 30.06.2022

Department Name : Haryana Government||Irrigation JLN WS Circle Narnaul||Mohindergarh Canal WS Divn Charkhi Dadri//2022_HRY_230421_1

Value of Project : Rs. 225333136.64

Financial Bid Opening date : 09-Aug-2022 06:01 PM

Contractor Name :

Subinfra care No


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