NHIDCL award contract for Consultancy services as AE Rehabilitation and Up-gradation to 2 lane with paved shoulders of Seling-Dulte section (Economic Corridor) of NH-6

Project details: Consultancy services as Authority’s Engineer for Supervision of “Rehabilitation and Up-gradation to 2 lane with paved shoulders of Seling-Dulte section (Economic Corridor) of NH-6 from Existing chainage Km 0+000 to Km 69+015 (Design Chainage Km 0+000 to Km 62+200) in the State of Mizoram under Bharatmala Pariyojna on EPC mode.

NHAI Running Project Report

Department Name: National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation||Corporate Office-New Delhi – NHIDCL

Contract No – NHIDCL/ Mizoram/NH-06/EC/AE/2019-20

Agency Name & Contract value   

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