जानिए व 7 New Road प्रोजेक्ट जिनकी आधारशिला नितिन गडकरी रखेंगे राजस्थान में पूर्ण जानकारी डाउनलोड करें

जैसा कि आपको पता है  कि नितिन गडकरी जी आज दिनांक 24.12.2020  को  राजस्थान  मैं 18 हाईवे का शिलान्यास और आधारशिला रखेंगे : 

NHAI Running Project Report

These projects for inauguration and foundation laying carry a road length of nearly 1127 kilometers, involving construction value of Rs. 8,341 crore. Paving the way for development of Rajasthan, these roads will enhance better connectivity, convenience and economic growth in the State.

साथ ही साथ  सरकार के दस्तावेज के हिसाब से सा नए हाईवे की आधारशिला भी रखेंगे इसका मतलब है कि यह प्रोजेक्ट आने वाले समय में बनाए जाएंगे 

 वह कौन कौन से प्रोजेक्ट है उसकी जानकारी आप  नीचे देख सकते हैं 


Cost in

Rs. Crore
1Construction of Balance Work as Part 2 (two cloverleaf’s at tonk road (Prahladpura, Ajayrajpura and Hema ki Nangal) NH-52 and at Ajmer Road NH-48) (Bhankarota and Hasampura Bas Bhankarota) of Jaipur Ring Road (NH-148C) in the state of Rajasthan6.719155.73
2Up-gradation to 2LPS of Nagaur-Bikaner Section by Executing balance work from km 177.00 to km 267.325 on NH-89 (New NH-62) on EPC.74.9370.36
3Up-gradation to 2LPS of Ajmer-Nagaur Section by Executing balance work from Km. 0.000 to Km. 148.25 on NH-89 (New NH-58) on EPC.36.125255.23
4Rehabilitation and up gradation to 2L+PS of Beawar-Asind  Section (km 30.00 to Km 74.00) of NH 158 (GNHCP) with the loan assistance of world Bank on EPC mode44216.72
5Rehabilitation and up gradation to 2L+PS of Asind -Mandal Section (km 74.00 to Km 116.750 of NH 158 (GNHCP) with the loan assistance of world Bank on EPC mode42.75196.23
6Up-gradation to 4 lane with paved shoulder from existing km 58/245 (Beawar) to existing km 108/600 (Bhim) of NH-58 (Beawar-Gomti section on EPC mode in the state of Rajasthan (Pkg-I.)50.3379.23
7Up-gradation to 4 lane with paved shoulder from Existing Km

108.60 (Bhim) to 144.00 (Baghana) & Km 158.419 (Mada ki Bassi) to Km. 173.30 (Gomti) (Total length 50.281 Km.) of NH-58 (Beawar-Gomti section) on EPC mode in the State of Rajasthan (Pkg-II)

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