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Delhi NCR based Road Company got New Road project from BRO.

Construction And Upgradation Of Ditte Dimme-Migging Road (Design Chainage From Km 129.31 To Km 152.81 And Existing Chainage From Km 142.02 To Km 167.1) To 2-Lane With Hard Shoulders Under Project Brahmank In The State Of Arunachal Pradesh On Epc Mode. Estimate Value of Project : 1959900000.00 Financial Bid opening Date : 15-Feb-2021 11:38 AM
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मध्य प्रदेश PWD ने 107 किलोमीटर लम्बी रोड बनाने का दिया ठेका, कीमत 101 करोड़

CONSTRUCTION OF ATARGHAT TO SABALGARH, TETRA TO DHOBANI (GOBARDHAN) TO MOHANA ROAD LENGTH 107.605 KM. INCLUDING POLE SHIFTING in the state of Madhya Pradesh on EPC Mode Financial Bid Opening Date : 12-Feb-2021 03:40 PM Estimate Value of Project Rs. 1015100000.00
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New road project worth Rs. 253 Cr in Telangana awarded by Morth.

Balance Works of Rehabilitation and Upgradation of Nakrekal to Nagarjunasagar section of NH 565 to 2Lane Paved Shoulder from Km 1.000 to Km 86.057 under NH O for the year 2020 21 in the State of Telangana on EPC Mode Department Name : Ministry of Road Transport and Highways||P3 Delhi - MoRTH Financial Bid opening Date : 11-Feb-2021 11:16 AM Contractor Name :
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जानिए GDA ने किस कंपनी को दिया 107 करोड़ की बिल्डिंग बनाने का ठेका

Planning, Designing and Construction of Hon Balasaheb Thakare Memorial Mini Stadium Building with Commercial units including on site development with all Infrastructure Services for Indoor and Outdoor sports activities. Department Name : Ghaziabad Development Authority Estimate value of Project : 1007632161.02 Date of Financial Bid opening : 23-Jan-2021 01:12 PM
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